Misanthrope: Why do i hate people? And How are they evil?

Humanity today makes me sick in my stomach. Every time i come out of the house, i feel like that I’m target to every person i see; it like if someone is coming out to get me. I don’t know if it my vibe that people can detect or is it my personally that I’m too nice. Either way, I make a lot of enemy than i make friends these days. Even in metal scene, i don’t feel comfortable with people especially drunk idiots out there that some showed their distaste for me. I knew people are hateful today for no reason and I’m not surprised by this. After being picked on and bullied during my grade school years, i have these fear that someone is out to get me and that when the anxiety kicks in when i want to get out of the crowds and head back home to my sanctuary. That’s why I’ve taken Shotokan and Shaolin Kung Fu to protect myself and others that i truly matter to me.

Every time i met people where i locally at (in the city), they be cool to me at first because i know that their pretending to be all cool with me when deep in their mind, they hate my guts when they found out who i really am. They asked for my social media and i denial that i have no social media at all, so i exchange numbers with them and they give me their. Later on, i texted them and at first responded to me. It wasn’t even a simple conversation. It was nothing more than “hey how are you?” type of crap. Any other days, when i text them to see how they doing as what a person with mortality and dignity does, they flat out ignoring my text. I knew they hated me for who i am. I get that you’re busy with life, job, kids or whatever the hell people do these days, but to flat out not say anything to me it goes to show how pathetic they really are to do that. I knew their was something fishy about them and how ignorant, hateful and disgusting they are. It remind of how much humanity throughout history betrayed, kill, rape, treason, and plagues. And we still do it today. It goes to show that even though we’re advanced in technology in society, violence and barbaric acts still carried on as long as we exist.

Even since i got this curse i don’t why that cause me to meet disgusting filthy humans, that treated me like I’m a piece of shit to them. I learned that people today are so evil. I’m not saying that everyone are like this because i have small group of friends from mostly online that i really trust, but unfortunately i met many people throughout my days that are evil. They’re don’t have respect anymore and they will find a way to destroy your repetitions without any remorse. As cold as people are, they’re more narcissist when they focus on their images and use people to get what advantage someone has and then stab them in the back. When they done, their wipe their victims off the map because they hate them deep in their heart. That’s how much evil humans can get. For awhile, i tried to distance from people and don’t want anything to do with them. I’m more of a outsider to many and I’ll let it stay that way. That’s the only way i can do this. There’s no way around it when you deal with people in various of situations especially jobs. I always get shit done what they want, keep my mouth shut and get out of here. I just don’t like dealing with people any longer. I just hate em! The way they treated me and the way they look down upon me. This is why I’m a misanthrope. I don’t care what your races, religions, creed, culture, genders or how you look. Humans are all the same but with different customs and cultures. What they got in common, is they’re vermin without sympathy, caring, benevolent, and affable.

Bloody Rage “The Death Of Civilzation” 2016 album is Gold!

After been working on this new album since September of last year, the album has been finally done. I’ve tweaks all the mixing of each songs  and mastering for the final production of the whole album. The official release of this album will circa mid-2016. Keep an eyes out for this new album. You’ll be surprised how much work i’ve put my soul into my own music.

Confirmed album cover:

Bloody Rage 3rd Album

Here’s a sample from one of the track off this album:

American Women: Why are they the worst?

As a guy who lives in America since i was born, this country is not what it used to be. America got turned into greedy, capitalist, war monger, and corrupted country, but this is not only the case. One of the biggest problem along with Feminism is how women nowadays behaviors.

One of the reasons that they are the worst is personality. I’ve seen countless of women throughout my lifetime, that act similar to one another. I know for a fact that ‘not all’ act this way, but this what i be seeing every time i get out the house. I barely see any of women’s own personality. All i see is basically a pseudo nice girl but with stuck-up, narcissist personality with decent outfits that seem to try hard to be like the shitty, bad role model celebrates like the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner or these gold digger hoes that date sport players on their own reality tv (so many to name but you get what i mean). Talking with them and leading the conversations is a pain in the ass. I have to find a way to keep her attentions to me and get her to be interested in what i’m talking about. Turns out that the conversations is so boring and silent that she doesn’t have anything interesting to say. All the responds i get is “oh okay” or “cool” when i’m talking about general stuff. But she can run her mouth about some shitty bubblegum pop albums getting released or a lame show on tv that somehow get popular that i don’t even care about. That’s why many men get bored of typical American women conversations so quick because of how their personality is so bland and lame that you wonder “why do they act like this?! Why do i have to do all the work and talk?”. No matter how many times you move on to the next person, there always gonna be boring women to come across.

Another reason that pissed me off the most is getting labelled of something that you’re not. Recently, this girl i met on the dating site, It lasted for only three days. We had a good conversation about like why are we single and neither of us never dated before or even music too. Everything was smooth until one day, i texted her to just seeing how she was doing because it been hours since I’ve heard from her. Usually i text them in case that they didn’t replies or forgotten as they promise. She texted me with a hostile message basically saying to never talk to her again because i was a little “clingy” and i texted her in the wrong time. Then goes out of her way to say that she feels uncomfortable. REALLY?! We only known each other for three days! And you calling me “clingy” because i was being nice to send you replies to see how you doing. At least I’m not one of them guys who goes out of their way to send like hundreds text messages to a woman and annoyed her. Holy shit! Some of you women don’t appreciate a good guy that actually care about how you feeling and concern about you. You whether talk to a guy that barely gives two shit about you unless it’s about one night stand. This is why you women in America will never find a right guy because you quick to label guys without even knowing their true intentions. I read something somewhere that a innocent 17 years old guy was faulty accused of “rape”. Causing him to turn to suicide. After that happens, the girl dropped the charges. This goes to show how fucked up you women in America are. You love to sham on men without any remorse. You want a decent man? Get your shit together first and stop labeling men “rapist” or “stalker” that they’re not (unless they truly are if you have any evidences).

Modern American women standard are just so unrealistic and non-existence in every level that you may as well write a shitty erotic romance novel just like that woman who wrote 50 shades of garbage. Majority of women sadly wants a guy who is of course rich, have a expensive car, mansion, and a big Johnson, so they can not only pretend to love him or what not, but to take all of his money and going on a lifeless shopping spree. I noticed that a lot of shitty reality shows that has a woman with an old man or someone that’s older than her with money. Then later on have children and they are even spoiled. So here’s my question, what would happen if he went bankrupt and lost everything? Would you stick with him til the end? If you answer with negative response, then you’re the cancer to society! You’re the reason that love is long dead. It’s all about greed and how financially stable he is. Even in the past generation, they don’t care if their lover goes bankrupt. They’ll go with them if they have to. That’s love right there because you’re making a sacrifice for love. Now with love nonexistence, it’s all about money. If women stop having these unrealistic standard then maybe something might go somewhere.

America women with social media is even worst. I can’t even go on the internet without some attention whores showing off her cleavages in bookface, hipstergram or anywhere. I don’t know how many times i’ve seen something like this but this getting out of control and annoying. If you tried to talk to them face to face, then all you gonna get is a “oh what the hell do you want?” looks. Then she goes back on her phone on god knows what it is. Probably on shitty social media. They seem to right about that people are socializing less than before. Here’s the answer: Social Media. If it weren’t for social media, then i would of been talking to girls right now, but you can’t even do that anymore. As i typing this blog right now, socializing is probably dead by now unless you go to club or bar to meeting women with loud ass music on that you can’t barely hear when talking to someone. I may as well stay in my house with my computer on and play video games without looking back.

Guys that struggling and frustated to meet a good woman in their life. What ever you do, just focus on what you love like your career or hobbies you love to do.  If you want real love, don’t date American women because chances are you ain’t gonna find someone who will take you seriously.  Go elsewhere for true love. Unless American women wake up and realized how fucked up they are, men in America will continues to avoid them like plague.


Political Correctness and SJWS

This generation of mine is out of control with SJWs running around the internet and in real life ruined everything. Then you got
the Political Correctness assholes who censored you for telling things how it is. Everything that us humans seem to do is deemed
“offensive”. If you go to college right now, majorities of the time, you’ll get a lot of political correctness bullshit going around the campus. Even in classrooms too. You’ll feel like that you’re brainwashed to believe this nonsense. If you oppose their ideas, they called you everything that existed in the dictionary from; Sexist to racist to homophobia, etc. You can’t even express your opinions anymore without some Political Correctness douches censored the crap out of you for telling things how it is. If things don’t change sooner or later, this country will be nothing but a bunch of whining hipsters, PC, SJWS infection spreading this whole country. Bad enough, education is ruined as well thanks to of course SJWS and PC. Now, I’m gonna see less smart, intelligence interesting people in college. It will be nothing but people being brainwashed by propaganda’s of SJWS and PC that hides the truth from you. Something must be done or else the stupidness of this issues will continue and future generations will be even worst.

This video even sums up what’s actually going on this dystopia, idiocracy world we’re living in.

Update on Bloody Rage

Been awhile since I’ve announced about what going with my band. Well, I’ve working on couple of songs for the LP i’m going to release later this year. So far, all nine tracks has been completed. Some are the re-record version of my old songs i did last year and uploaded on soundcloud. Some are rearranged and most of the songs will have better, raw and heavier sounds.   There will be newer songs on the LP as well as the re-recorded songs on there. 

I’m still working on about 4 more tracks and i’m thinking of which old songs i did during the black metal days last year deserved to be re-recording.  I’ll be keeping an update here so far of my progress on my band LP. 

Feminism Shouldn’t Exist In Modern time.


Disclaimer: Here’s my exact thought on Modern Feminism now and why they shouldn’t exist. If some of the stuff i typed is hurtful, then you better have a thick skins. I speak my peace and i will leave it as it is. It’s my opinion If you don’t like what i said, then leave and go elsewhere. It’s not that hard.

With women being treated bad like the old days by men, back then feminism is something that they fight for to gain the right to have what the opposite sex has from pay check amount from jobs to being able to vote. They successfully won against men back then for treated them harshly especially in men jobs.

Nowadays, after more than 50 years of having a law signed to where women to be able to do the same things that men could do. Women today aren’t satisfied to what they have now compare to what women back then or third world countries have to endure. Feminists seem to threaten men everyday for something that they didn’t do. Yes, I’ve seen articles of women being rape or abused in relationship and it’s really horrible for them to go through this, but when you start labeling every men as “rapists” or “Misogyny”, then their is something wrong with you. It makes you wonder why guys are afraid to make the first move now because of what women actually do nowadays which is harshly judge them and discriminating especially “White Privileged” males. I just don’t get why they don’t like them. They never done anything wrong. It’s to me nothing but hatred for one race just because of what their ancestors done (their long dead so leave them alone). The term Feminism shouldn’t exist in modern standard and be throw around loosely, cause misconception.

Any women who label themselves nowadays as “Feminist” and want equality, then you are doing something wrong. Feminism is basically a key word for caring more for their own gender whether than the opposite gender . In other word, everyone. It’s not like the old days where the feminist were fighting the oppression for freedom similar to what the color people had fought. It’s all about taking over everything from the media to construction, etc. They don’t think about what men has done for millennium from wars to working in digging coal to hunting animal, etc. They want to sham men and blame them for everything like if a man refuse to support feminism to this so called “equality”, then they get called like misogyny or sexist just because they don’t want to support their psychopathic ideas of feminists. Worst of all, beating up the male just  for being male. So basically, feminists are okay with a woman beating up and harassing a guy but if a guy were to defend himself against a woman who is attacking him, he get sham and get called a sexist, white privilege male. Jeez this whole concept is so fucked up! So much for equality right?  Any normal women would think that this is insane.

If feminists are for equality, then why do they complain more about video games and other media, but not in the third world countries like the Middle East? There’s this one article i read before. In Russia, a 17 years old girl is forced to married some officer that’s 47 years old and how did he do that? He threat the family to wanting to marry her or else he’ll slaughter the family. So the family accepted it and the whole messy happens, Meanwhile in the Middle East, women couldn’t have the same rights as men over there and if they did, then they would probably kill them or worst. Not to mention, that their forced women especially younger to marry a 50 years old to build the family by force. If a woman refuses, then she get killed. Why do none of you so called “feminists” complain about this bullshit?! Their women just like you and their human like you. So you whether them to suffer with not having freedom as much as western or other part of world  than to aid them to enable themselves to be independent and get out the country? To all the  Feminists that don’t pay attention to this situation or don’t care about it, you are hypocritical! You may as well just stop labeling yourself because your not for equality nor helping your own gender in the other part of the world. You should be ashamed of yourself because you are basically making majority of female around the world look bad.

For my piece of advice, the term feminism, should of just stay dead when they had their freedom as men did long ago. If you really want equality, drop the name, feminist and instead go with Egalitarianism. That’s actually mean that your for equality for everything. For women out there that really care about equality, be Egalitarianism. That’s a way to go!


The Internet Safety: What you shouldn’t do on the internet and Why?

The Internet is the world where it’s a alternative way of socializing in the outside world. Anyone can anonymously  name themselves on there without using their real name or personal information whether it’s a forum, YouTube, or other social media junks. But i’ve seen that many people in the past years (i been on the internet since around the 2000s) that don’t  follow the internet safety and resulted in a ugly situations.

I tell people this to NEVER and i repeat NEVER put you real name or picture of yourself on the internet. Because chances are, you are already putting yourself in danger for stalkers and basement dweller freaks to have a field day on. I’ve heard horror stories about some guy on bookface (Facebook) throw in a house party and invited like crap load of people to his house that he most likely don’t even know who they are. Then things got turned ugly and result him of being shot by a random stranger in the party. I don’t know if he’s caught or not but this is one of the prime example of stuff you shouldn’t be doing online.

Another case I’ve been hearing before which is common is, cyber bullying. Now here my thought on this, even though I’ve been bullied in my life, why would they waste their time just talking crap about the person on the internet that they know in real life?  Those people that do that, have nothing better to do to but to punish the innocent ones for nothing.  The problem about this whole thing is, why do the people reveal their information on the internet only to not realize that they could be  the target for cyber bully? This what I’m talking. Anything you reveal on the internet, that person probably next door to you, going to school with you, in your job or live around you, knows exactly who you are and here the worst part, they could knowing your location.  If like a fight going on, then it going to get ugly or worst, they could be wanting to kill you. This why i don’t reveal anything to people online because of cyber-bullying and everything else. I feel sorry for those people that have to put up with this shitty situations with shitty people in the planet. Then again, it’s the internet. what can you do? But here a simple solution to shake off cyber bullying; Ignore those fuckers, log off and close the computer or delete your account and don’t ever come back to it.

For those who are reading this, look at what people on the internet put on their profits (name, numbers, etc) no matter if it facebook, tumblr (dumblr), or other places and take note. Don’t repeat the same mistake that those people do. If you avoid these mistake people do online, then your making a right choice and keeping yourself safe online.

And for all  the people who  say “Oh what the big deal about posting your picture of yourself or your real name on the internet? Everyone doing that, so why i can’t?!” Well i have news for you…You revealing your true identity to the world! So your ask for stalkers to come after you! Just becasue people put real name online doesn’t mean you have to do it.  Everyone that do that, already put themselves in danger of being blackmail or stalk.

Welcome To Reality!


Why can’t we move on from the past?

I can’t believe people repeating the same history that happened about 100-2000 years ago. I wonder why we can’t move on without bring up the whole “my ancestor did this and that and i want to hate for it” kind of thing? Why do we still til this day,  hate something that we don’t know like what people did 1000 years ago? The answer is uncertain. We looked at history of what all our ancestors done before whether it’s in the history book or some family photos or maybe some site that tell what your ancestor is by your last name . The reason history exist is that so we DON’T do the same thing as our ancestors did centuries ago. I realized why history was taught in school. Even though that it’s useless in real life situation, there’s something about history that giving us this message as we read and discovering  the past.  Many people thinks that reading and doing research in history is boring, but when you learn something new, your wonder “so this is what they used to before.” and once you see something that spark your interested, you read more and more of it. For example, you discovered that people in the medieval days used to execution people for their crimes. Also forced people into believing the same god as them. If they didn’t, then they will excommunicated  from Church and not only that, but will probably execute you too as well.  As in the modern time, you don’t see gruesome executions as much as before but their are some that do still exist.  When you compare the past to the modern days, it maybe being overestimating but your realize that you are living better than what people have to put up with before for centuries. From racism to forced belief to slavery to wars to women rights, etc.

For the people who repeating the history of  the same racism, sexism, homophobic or any shit that made the mistake based on what did in the past, you are what putting us back from moving forward.  What do you get out of it for hating on culture or different kind of people for what they do?  How’s that going to solve the problem? If you let go of the past, maybe…maybe we can move forward without looking back. However, many will somehow bring all of the racism, sexism, etc back from the grave to this modern time. But this time, we know how to call them out for being one of those things i mentioned. In other word, we can combat those racism, sexism, homophobic, etc as long as we stick together and not let the past overshadowing us.

Dark visions of being Introverted


Living my life for 22 years now, I feel that this world has become selfish and it’s all about who popular in this dog-eat-dog world and who’s obnoxious, loud, and dress well. I guess that how humanity works but i disagree with it. You don’t need to be loud, obnoxious, rude and dress well what people want you to be. You can just think outside of the box and just say fuck you to the media and society. Then again, people will look at you as strange and odd. But no matter. People can say anything and do anything so you can’t always believe what others say and do. They can mislead you into thinking that, this is okay but the other is not okay but Here the thing, it’s YOUR LIFE. You can be whatever you want and do what you want to do as long as you not committing any massacre of murders or rapes.  Why don’t people think for themselves? Why it’s not okay to be a quiet, different, and smart yet being loud, disrespectful, and narcissistic is okay?  I don’t get it anymore. I really don’t get it at all!  I don’t see myself as being selfish because i was raised to help other when they needed something especially  whether it’s a friend or a family member.  But as the world turned out to be dangerous everywhere i looked and some take advantage of someone niceness, i feel like i have no choice but to become selfish as time goes on.

Every time i tried to look at people eyes, it seem that they didn’t like what i look like. It’s like that their want me to go away or something under their teeth. It’s not my fault that i born like this (even though I’m biracial).  It’s not my fault that I’m introverted and raised in a good house hold. It’s not my fault that I’m not sociable as the rest. Some can see me as a asshole, but once you know me, you’ll find out why I’m like this for a long time. People need to stop having this mentality of wanting to find a “perfect person”. There’s no such thing as a “perfect person,” in this world. All you can do is live with it and stop living like it’s  a movie or something. Wake up and be enlightened  to reality to what mother nature had offended us. Unfortunately,  many people don’t see it that way. I can’t take people anymore and their bullshit belief. I want to separate myself from others in society that believe this bullshit from what the media feed them in their brains.

Bad enough,  I’ve already suffered too much from depression due to what been happened to me in the past like 5-6 years ago.  “Getting over it” is impossible to do.  You can be able to focus on hobbies of what you good at to get it off your mind, but at the end, it will always be stuck in you.

I don’t have any hopes for the future of my generation if all this keeps up. Unless something change, i will, not all, have some hope. Otherwise, I’ll remain this way for awhile.